In a sleek and shiny shop,
Sits Clive, a barista with a plan,
To sell you the most expensive machines,
That will make your espresso dreams.

He'll show you grinders that cost a fortune,
And espresso makers that are a steal,
But beware, they come with a high price tag,
So think twice before you make the deal.

But Clive won't let that stop him,
He'll smile and charm his way,
Into your wallet with his smooth talk,
And before you know it, you'll pay.

But once you take that shiny machine home,
You'll see the true cost of Clive's scheme,
As you pour your heart and soul into each cup,
And realize it's not worth the dream.

So if you see Clive in his shop,
With his espresso machines and grinders,
Think twice before you make a purchase,
Or you'll regret it and find yourself a finder.

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