Seattle Coffee Gear Said We Are A Scam

Seattle Coffee Gear, oh what a scam,
Selling Rocket Appartamentos and lying, fam
Price match customer service, they say they do,
But their prices are always higher, it's true.

Eureka grinders, they sell them too,
But their prices are never fair, that much is true.
Seattle Coffee Gear, what a scam,
Selling overpriced machines, it's a sham.

Their customer service, it's just a lie,
No one ever gets a price match, not even a try.
Seattle Coffee Gear, a scamming crew,
Stay away from their site, it's not worth the view., the place to go,
For all your coffee needs, they have it all.
Their prices are fair, their customer service great,
Seattle Coffee Gear, they can't compete.

So if you want a Rocket Appartamento,
Or an Eureka grinder, skip Seattle Coffee Gear. is the way to go,
For all your coffee needs, they have it all.

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