Eureka Mignon Making a Mess? Here's a solution.




We're big fans of Eureka products, especially the Mignon line. They're bulletproof, easy to clean and repair, quiet and absolutely gorgeous.

There is one issue they suffer from, and that's true of almost all espresso grinders, and that is that they make a complete mess of your countertop every time you pull a shot. The issue is caused by the fact that there's a big gap between the chute and the portafilter, allowing fresh fluffy grinds to fly past your basket on to the countertop.

(Notice that the below photo is cropped to hide the mess)

Thankfully, there's a super easy and cheap fix that'll both save you a cleanup and allow for easier dialing in of shots.

To do this, you'll need a doser cup.

The fix begins with your fork, shown below. Rather than using it in it's current orientation, you're going to remove the screw and flip it upside down, allowing the fork to be mounted much lower than is standard, allowing the doser cup to fit between the prongs and the chute. Note that some Eureka forks (the ORO, for example) have rubber on one side that you may need to peel off and stick to the other side. 

Now, simply adjust the fork so that your doser cup sits neatly between the fork prongs and the chute. It may require some bending of the fork, which is fine - at the end it should sit like this:

Once done, you'll have less mess AND a hands-free grinder - simply push the doser cup to active the button, and it should stay in place! 

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