Chrome Rocket Espresso R60V Espresso Machine with black handles and knobs
Side view of a Chrome Rocket Espresso R60V Espresso Machine with black handles and knobs
Chrome Rocket Espresso R60V Espresso Machine with black handles and knobs

Rocket R60V Espresso Machine

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Rocket Espresso R60V Espresso Machine - 110V

The R 60V pressure profiling.

Traditionally 9 bar of pump pressure extracts the flavors and oils from the coffee to produce espresso. The R 60V with a unique pressure profile system allows further enhancement in the cup with the ability to fine tune pump pressure over the course of the extraction.

The Rocket Espresso pressure profiling system uses a five step approach to allow the extraction to be split into five different time intervals, each allowing for a different pressure to be programmed, making it possible to both ramp up or ramp down pump pressure depending on the coffee type and flavors being chased.

The Rocket Espresso communication pod allows adjustments to be made through a remote controller or through the machine's Wifi system which will display real time temperatures, pressures and extraction times.

Dual boiler and PID controlled. Rotary pump with water reservoir or direct water connection.

Technical Specifications:

  • Measurements:
    • Width - 12.25 inches to edges of casing | 16 inches including wands | 20 inches with Controller inserted
    • Depth - 18 inches | 23 inches with portafilter inserted
    • Height - 16.75 inches with cup rail | 15.75 inches with cup rail removed
  • Watts - 1400W
  • Volts - 110V-120V
  • Programability - PID, Profiles
  • Case Material - Stainless Steel
  • Boiler Material - Stainless Steel
  • Cup Clearance - 3.5 inches
  • Boiler Volume - Steam: 1.7 liter | Group: .58 liter
  • Reservoir Size - 2.5L
  • Solenoid Valve - Yes
  • Cup Tray - Yes
  • Portafilter Size - 58mm
  • Warm Up: Brew Time - 20 minutes
  • Boiler Design - Double Boiler
  • Water Sources - Convertible - Internal Reservoir or Plumbed in
  • Auto Shut Off - Yes
  • Auto On - Yes
  • Pre-Infusion/Aroma - Yes
  • Material - Stainless Steel

Care and Maintenance:

  • Clean the brew gasket daily with a cleaning brush.
  • Soap out water tank and drip tray every few days.
  • Perform backflush routine daily and clean the filter basket each week.
  • Keep the stainless-steel casing shiny with a microfiber cloth.

About Rocket Espresso Milano:

Rocket Espresso produces the finest espresso machines in the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’ translated to, ‘made by hand’. Their small team of craftsmen produce both premium domestic and commercial espresso machines, beautifully made with meticulous care and attention to detail. More importantly, Rocket Espresso machines will deliver the finest espresso in the cup, time after time.

A partnership between New Zealander Andrew Meo and Italian Daniele Berenbruch who brought philosophies from opposing sides of the world into their Milan factory to make the best espresso machines, each model is designed to meet the needs of today’s most exacting espresso customer.

Warranty & Returns:

Warranty: We provide a one year parts warranty via the manufacturer. If the unit is defective or not working on arrival we provide a paid shipping label for the return and send a new one free of charge, UPS Air.

Some of our higher priced competitors include a one-year labor warranty, but know that there's a huge catch: They require the consumer to pay shipping (which often costs more than labor would) and it often takes several weeks to turn around repairs. Given that we sell commercial grade, highly reliable, buy-it-for-life products, and how plentiful repair shops are (whoever services your local coffee shop's equipment can work on our products) we feel that selling at the lowest price point possible with parts covered provides the best experience for our customers.

Non-Warranty Returns: Returns are only permitted if the machine is as-new/unused and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Free shipping for orders over $399.

Most items ship via UPS Air, the exception being commercial and dual-boiler machines that need to be crated.

Turnaround is typically 4-5 business days from when an order was first placed, but may be extended due to holidays or other shipping related delays.

Tracking numbers will be provided as soon as they become available.

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